Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Dads...

I am still recuperating a bit from my delightful trip to Missouri (I spent a lovely three weeks there with my family), so I don't have energy for a long post- I may share details of my travels within the next few days, but for now, a short tribute to all fathers and eventual fathers to be out there, but most especially to those whose lives are more closely connected to my own:

Dad (i.e. Steven W. Lambson, Sr.): What can I say to a father who has done so much for me, who has given so much of himself over the years for the sake of his wonderful wife and ridiculous children, it's amazing he's still got any hair at all?! Dad, you have been such a solid rock, such a sure spiritual foundation for all of us- you and Mom have done so much to help us grow, to help us not only learn but to help us love to learn. Any success we can claim in this life is owed at least in part to the role you have played as a father (and, of course, to what Mom has done as a mother). I am so grateful that I can say, as Nephi of old, that I have been born of "goodly parents." Thank you for being my dad.

Joe: Joe, thanks for being such a great husband for my sister and such a great father for my nephew. You have so much depth and insightful perspective to offer, I always appreciate any thoughts you have to share (meaningful and meaningless alike). Even though you pinched me in my soft spot, I still love and admire you.

Steve (i.e. Steven W. Lambson, Jr.): Okay, I know you're not a dad yet (I don't think the Wii counts...)- and please don't think this is any kind of rude or awkward pressure to hurry up and become one. You and Tamara will do what's best for both of you. But I wanted to give you a shout out anyway for being a good man. I love your intelligence, I love your spiritual maturity, I love your geekiness, I love your humor. I look up to you in so many ways (and not just literally :). Thank you for being such a good brother and even a good friend. I hope someday those Teachers realize what a valuable example of righteousness they have right in front of them!

And on this Fathers' Day, I hope we all take time to remember and express gratitude to and for the Father of us all.

Happy Fathers' Day!