Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Movie Kickoff!

What a fantastic way to begin the Summer Movie Season! Despite the lack of continuous sleep that I try to get on weeknights, I have no regrets for taking the time to watch this movie at midnight. It was definitely worth the wait, and has certainly whetted my anticipation for the next one, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, set to be released in two years...
For the sake of those who have not yet seen it, I will keep this post brief and only mention a few noteworthy items:

-Prince Caspian (played by Ben Barnes) is a talented hottie

-There are some fantastic fight sequences (Among others, Peter, Edmund, and even Susan prove they can kick butt, and then some!)

-There is not enough of Edmund. (Skandar Keynes does such a fantastic job with his role, you, too, may be left with wanting to see more of him...)

That is all for now. If you haven't seen it yet, buy tickets and go see it now!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother, so tender and kind and true...

... I love you!

To this darling child who grew up to become an amazing mother who somehow--despite stress, hardship, fights, flooded basements, picky eaters, hormonal teens, and many other obstacles--managed to raise a pretty amazing family. Here's to you, Mom. You are one incredible woman. I love you!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

what about this idea?

So, after a fantastic chat with Steven last week about various and sundry gospel topics, I am proposing an idea. Actually, I had already thought about doing this, but wasn't sure how to bring it about. I enjoy having discussions about the gospel, especially when we can dig deeper into our own understanding of doctrines and principles. Sadly, these conversations do not come up very often. As much as I have thoughts, inspirations, and questions as I read the scriptures or other materials, I find that I often do not get a chance to voice those ideas and feelings, outside of writing them down in my own version of the "small plates." Far too often, our schedules are such that talking on the phone isn't often feasible, and we rarely get a chance to visit with each other in person. That being said, I have thought that possibly having a blog or some such spot devoted to sharing these kinds of ideas might be a way of entwining our spiritual understanding together.

But here is the deal. I realize that we are all busy people. I realize that many of us don't have a lot of time to post, let alone respond to posts. So if you're thinking, it's a nice idea, but I really don't see it working out, let me know now. If, however, you think that you could and would totally get behind such an idea, talk to me and we'll see about setting it up. I think we could even do it to where everybody in the family is a "contributor" so that I'm not the only one posting thoughts and questions...

Please, I know I'm not the most visited blog out there, but please give me some feedback so I know if it's worth it to proceed or not...

(just one more day until the weekend... I hope I make it!)