Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Olds" disguised as "News" (Part I)

Okay, okay. So it's been awhile. So sue me.

I really don't have any excuses, other than that I haven't felt any strong compulsions to blog lately. However, I realize that many people are NOT actually psychic, and therefore NOT privy to the various experiences I've had in the last couple of months. So, I thought maybe I'd better post something.

That being said, most of those that ever read this are also Facebook friends, and since I haven't really had any huge, significant events happen in recent past, this will primarily be a picture post to give you a visual idea of what my "new" life is like.

This is the exterior of my apartment. Amanda and I live on the second floor there.
For a tour of the inside, keep scrolling.

First, we have the living room.

(Yes, the living room includes a REAL fireplace, complete with a mantle!)

The "dining" portion of the dining room area.
(I spy with my little eye a familiar feline...)

My ever-cluttered bookshelves, also in the dining room.

Most of my DVD collection, also in the dining room.
(I spy with my little eye a certain Spider-spud
and a penny frame made by one of my creative sisters.)

The other two corners of the dining room.
(I spy with my little eye two paintings done by my talented friend, Cristall Harper!)

Our nice and very spacious kitchen-
SUCH an improvement over the narrow aisle in my last apartment.

A closer look at the kitchen- the stove is gas, the oven electric,
the dishwasher mediocre (so I still do my dishes by hand).
I will say that I have decided that tile counters are NOT my ideal-
they are a pain to clean because everything gets stuck in the crevices. :/

And finally, my bedroom.
(This is the view looking into the room from the doorway.)

The view of my room looking back at the doorway.
(I spy with my little eye a special stuffed bear created especially for me.)

These are the cabinets above my dresser/bed area.
(Yes, there is quite a bit of shelf space in this room, which is nice.)

Opposite the cabinets, (to the side of the bed that swallows the room)
is my computer, desk, storage cabinet and printer.

Hopefully, this at least gives you a taste of my "new" home and what my living space looks like. (I hope you don't mind that I excluded the bathroom and the extra storage room, neither of which are interesting enough to blog about.)

Up next, a few photos of my "new" town. Stay tuned...