Sunday, April 22, 2012


So, I meant to post this on Easter.  But then I felt that, since it was Easter, I should accompany it with something profound and meaningful, and nothing was coming to mind... (Besides, I was tired.)  So I put it off, figuring I would have something else to post about that I could combine with this.  But nothing has really been happening, besides the usual work stuff.  Nothing interesting enough to post about.  So, thus it is, you get pictures of my Easter experience a few weeks late, and not much else.  You are welcome to view and enjoy (or not) as you please. :)
My colorful Easter eggs (complete with "magic" glitter, or so the package claimed!).

My Easter basket (some of those plastic eggs contain both dark chocolate Cadbury mini eggs and Reese's Pieces eggs!).

 And finally, my Easter dinner: a maple-honey glazed ham (baked by yours truly- it was absolutely delicious!), some mashed potatoes with butter and pepper, and of course, some deviled eggs!  Oh, I ate well that night!

So, there it is.  Let me close with saying I'm not sure I like the changes to Blogger and how to post- maybe with time and practice, I'll adjust... Oh, well.  Happy (late) Easter anyway!