Sunday, July 13, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand...something...something

Just a reminder- I am still hunting for ideas to name the little gray and white kitten that will be coming into my life in a couple of weeks... please let me know whatever your thoughts are (some good ones I've heard/read are: Thor, Teaspoon and Squishy, --and Genny, I actually think Murth is quite hilarious, though I don't think I will end up going with that one :) So please keep me posted with your ideas (get it?! POST-ed! because this is a BLOG! Ha ha. okay, never mind...)

Now, on with this tag- inspired by both Tamara and Genny's blogs (both of which turned out great photos for this tag! It's really gotten me quite excited to try this! And while the others I have seen- Steven's, Emily's, Kirsti's- are also fun, those two get the kudos because they were the ones that really made me want to do this)
Here goes:

1. Age on my next birthday

2. A place I'd like to travel

3. My favorite place

4. My favorite object

5. My favorite food

6. My favorite animal

7. My favorite color

8. Town where I was born

9. Town where I live

10. Name of a past pet

11. Name of a past love

12. Best friend's nickname

13. My screen name

14. My first name

15. My middle name

16. My last name

17. One of my bad habits

18. My first job

19. Name of my grandmother

20. College major

So, now you get the fun of seeing the obvious and trying to figure out the bizarre and mysterious... (I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!)



Beckie said...

Is that gum? I can't tell. It looks like a pretty horrific habit, though. And where is your favorite place? I love these surveys, but I'm often left with more questions than answers.

Tamara said...

Beckie - it's fingernail biting! That pic also appeared when I found MINE...he he he....

Ok, so Steven told me you were born in VA...that explained THAT one.

- fav. place---water?
- past pet--??? no clue!!
- and that pic from Dinosaurs cracked me up! "not da mamma, NOT da mamma"...what a great show!!

gd said...

1. OK, that nail biting one is GROSS!! I too thought it was gum-chewing, but didn't think that was necessarily a bad habit.

2. Cute how all you Lambsons have different images for "Iola"!

3. I'm wondering if people are entering a thing for past loves, or a person. It didn't occur to me to put anything other than a person, but yours is stumping me!

4. Green RULES!!!

And thank you for the shout-out. :) I found this on a stranger's blog I subscribe to, and I love that so many people have done it! I don't know what your experience was, but it took a LOT longer than I figured it would--something that looked so simple!


(P.S. "Murth" made me laugh really hard, but I think your cat will forgive you if you DON'T christen her with that awful name!)

Peeser said...

This did take longer than expected, but I had so much fun searching and finding such random pictures that I didn't mind... And I think part of the fun is choosing the less obvious photos just to keep people guessing (there were several topics where I had a hard time choosing between two or three photos- most of the time, I chose the more obscure ones...)

With regards to your questions...
Favorite place: Shelter Gardens (that is actually a photo of the base of one of the fountains- I don't know which one)
Past Love: Mike Jepson (I typed in "Mike" and this was one of the photos that popped up- I can't remember the explanation- I chose this one over the obvious picture of a microphone)
Tamara- as to the past pet, Steven might be able to explain that one... if not, let me know and I'll tell ya!