Friday, February 20, 2009

Ice Skating, anyone? ...

Rachel unexpectedly had the night off from work and wanted to do something fun, so she invited me to go ice skating.

I actually have been ice skating since moving here to Indy a couple of years ago, but it has been a little while. Though my ankles are a tad sore, it was a lot of fun.

Funny enough, as I skimmed my way around the rink, it reminded me of the many trips to Crown Center at Christmas time, and I began to feel a bit nostalgic about it...

Now, I know that as we tried to narrow down our many Christmas traditions, this is one that fell by the wayside, especially since most of the family seemed to be migrating eastward. However, it is one that I do miss. Despite the confusing craziness of the hectic highways and byways (no matter how many times I have been there, it is still easy for me to get lost in KC), I always enjoyed the fun of ice skating, looking at the lights at the Plaza, even braving the crowds at the malls there. It seems like Kansas City has become a forgotten city amongst our family.

Don't get me wrong- I love St. Louis and all the indoor and outdoor delights it has to offer! I love spending time with family- I love the newer tradition of St. Charles at Christmas- I love the city (and heck, I'll take the Cardinals over the Royals any day, hands down, though Kauffman Stadium is still one nice stadium).

I am simply offering this proposal. This fall, I plan to make the time to go to the KC RenFest somehow. And this Christmas, I plan to make the time to return to Crown Center (and yes, I will probably continue the tradition of getting lost in trying to find it), go ice skating, and maybe even try to look at the Plaza Christmas lights.

So, anyone care to join me?


JennVan said...

Since I live in Kansas City, I think that would be fun. :) Let me know more specific plans closer to the time.

emily said...

love it! I'd love to try.... We'll see!

:) I remember the sock store. And the BIIIG tree... Just-- good memories!

Beckie said...

Put me down for a maybe on both. Especially the Christmas part, and especially if the Plaza is involved. Love the plaza. Love crown center when the brass band is playing. I've had the great fortune of having friends who are gung ho for Kansas City, so I've been quite a few times in the past years, but I can always go again.

Sarah Lambson said...

I would LOVE to! That used to be one of my favorite traditions@

Here is the funny days I HATE Kansas City. I attribute it to that time me, Steven and Kirsti tried to have good time while everyone else was doing something else (I can't remember what) and found it an almost impossible task beacause we could't find anything.

I have VERY fond memories of skating and the lights...I'm just getting all warm and fuzzy thinking about it which is weird because usually when I think Kansas City I want to throw up! Maybe I am getting my emotions confused :)