Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The onset of spring has renewed in me a desire to write, to find words that feel right as they slide across the tongue like the M&M that melts in your mouth (not in your hand...), and that sound right, like whispers that never leave your brain. And I don't mean journal writing, either. I mean real, true, personal creation, taking a part of yourself- a part of your soul- and turning it into something meaningful for others to experience. I have been sifting through sheaves of papers, the ever-growing pile of things I have written over the years- so many ideas, so many dreams, so many thoughts that I have attempted to turn into something others might someday want to actually read with interest... some of the words are weak, cliche, but I still feel that a lot of the ideas are solid, if I can only get past the fear of sharing such an intimate part of my deepest dreams with a world that might only see it for the mediocrity it probably is. Someday.

However, I did find a little nugget that I felt confident enough to share, and so I leave it with anyone who cares to take the time to read:

The air has grown cold-
it seeps into every heart
and makes its love old.

The heart aches with pain-
sorrow, hurt and fear pervade-
will hope come again?

To open is hard;
rejection is ever there
to stab like a shard.

Yet all is not lost.
Hope through one Being will come.
In Christ, there is joy.


Dana Cheryl said...


Isn't it something how spring awakens within us a desire to create!

Stephen Monteith said...

Would you like to write with us?

Ashlee and Jason said...

WOW....share more, Elise, share more!!!!!