Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top Five

This isn't necessarily final- I'm still keeping my mind open to other options in case situations and circumstances direct my path another way- but for any who are interested, these are my current top five grad school picks, mostly based on tuition costs, possible living costs, and how I feel about the idea of living there:

(*Note: These are NOT in any particular order, really...)

1. University of Rhode Island

2. Syracuse University

3. University of Washington

4. North Carolina Central University

5. University of Kentucky

I do also like Kent State University, and I would be okay with MU or even IU down in Bloomington (though that would mean I would still have to deal with the ridiculosity of "Governor" Mitch Daniels and the State "Super"intendent Tony Bennett, neither of which I like at all right now.)

I do still like the idea of studying at Dalhousie University in Canada, but I'm really not sure if that would be financially feasible (nor am I certain I would be able to work while going to school there due to the hassle of obtaining a work visa...)

But there you have it. For now. Feel free to let me know what you think.

I promise, I plan to have my newsletter actually mailed/e-mailed by the end of this coming week!


Sarah Lambson said...

Well, you know how I feel about Rhode Island! I could eat that place up!

But those are good choices. And based SOLELY on location, I would go with NC over KY. NC is closer to the ocean! And you get part of Great Smokey Mountains National Park!

And of course Washington would be awesome.

Me, I have no idea where I would REALLY like to go. Maybe I should figure that out. But it's all moot really until I take the GRE. Ick.

Love you!

Kirsti said...

Then I have an excuse to go visit you and see the state since I've never actually been :)

Good luck choosing and praying! You're almost done with the school year, so just keep your chin up and look forward to the prospect of living somewhere new!

Ashlee and Jason said...

Anywhere in the northeast:) Then we could visit you or vice versa! BTW, could you email me your other blog again, I tried finding it in my email box and can't seem to find the link!

Dedra said...

I vote for number THREE!!