Sunday, July 24, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

We interrupt the "New England Trek" series for the following:

An uncertain future is a scary thing. Especially with so many unknowns- where to live, where to work, how to earn enough income to provide for the basic human needs... Right now, my biggest fear/concern is what will I do when my benefits from IPS run out in early August? How will I pay for the medicines I need to keep my diabetes under control? Yes, things are getting scary around here.

Some of you may know that I recently applied for a job working in the Columbia Public Schools as a Media Center clerk, assisting with the woman who runs the Media Center at Oakland Junior High School.

I did not get hired.

Onto Plan B, right?

Which is: find a way to move to Syracuse, NY.

I have gone and visited all of my top-choice schools (and some of my secondary choices, too), and I have decided that Syracuse University is really my top pick, with the University of Washington (in Seattle) coming in a close second. I was impressed with what both programs had to offer academically and professionally, I felt very welcomed and accepted by the people I spoke to, I liked the beautiful campuses of both schools (UW has an especially fantastic view of Mt. Rainier!), and I really liked the communities and surrounding areas (well, I didn't like the Seattle traffic so much...).

That being said, while I know I would love living in Seattle, despite the traffic, I felt more strongly that Syracuse is where I believe I'm supposed to be. It just felt so right. I absolutely love how charming and scenic upstate New York is, and it seemed like the right place for me to go.

I'm still scared.

There is still so much uncertainty that I am scared. But plunge I must into that uncertainty, and plunge I will... I don't know how soon, but the sooner the better. As soon as I can find a place to live, as soon as I can get all my stuff/junk packed, as soon as I can find a time when my parents can help me drive all my stuff out there... As soon as I can.

It's scary, but I believe it's right.

(Next week: New England Trek: Part II - Connecticut)