Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maine Idea

Why Maine? Aside from being a very quintessential New England state, my sister Sarah is currently living there while doing an internship. So, since I was in the northeast part of the country anyway, I made it a point to spend some time with my dear, little sister. (Well, not so little, seeing as how she is taller than me by a few inches...)

Here are some of my favorite shots of those delightful days spent in The Pine Tree State:

Left: Scenic view of a river running near where Sarah lives;
Right: Beautiful falls running under some harbor shops and restaurants.

Left: The Camden Public Library;
Right: The ever-picturesque Camden Harbor, complete with ships, dock, and everything!

I loved the way this little entryway was almost hidden by trees and bushes growing over the arch, almost like an entrance into a secret garden, leading to...

This- a lovely amphitheater, with grass-covered stones and tiny wild strawberries
growing in the crevices of each step- What a charming find!

The Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Sarah showing said lighthouse both fear? and love!

Merryspring- the place where Sarah works.

Left: Sarah teaching kids about tracking different kinds of wildlife.
Right: The thriving Children's Garden on the grounds of Merryspring.
(Note the lovely, hand-painted signs, made by Sarah herself.)

Some of the beautiful gardens on the grounds at Merryspring.

A vernal spring at Merryspring- I believe it's the spring for which the nature center was named.

Eating dinner at the Old World Potato Company in downtown Camden.
(Note the size of that potato!!!)
Left: My dinner included that huge potato and a cup of tomato bisque soup.
Right: I loved the little glasses they served with our bottled root beer!

The highly-touted, picturesque view of Camden Harbor from Mt. Battie.
As you can see, the acclaimed view was obscured by a thick fog on the day that Sarah and I hiked up the cliff. Alas.

"Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"

(This tower is at the top of Mt. Battie- it looked very Monty Python-esque in the mist there :)

Scenic picnic area outside of Camden.

"Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'"

These are just some of the beautiful flowers growing around Camden.

And one of my favorites shots- me and my wonderful sister.
Thank you for sharing a wonderful weekend with me!


Amy said...

Cool shots and such picturesque beauty of the area! Looks like a fantastic trip.

Ashlee and Jason said...

Elise, those pictures are incredible. You could definitely enter those in a competition or hang them around the house. I'm loving them. Especially the first picture on the left. BEAUTIFUL! Are you in New York yet?