Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

Okay, so I originally wasn't planning on posting today, despite the trend among the blogs of my fellow siblings, but when I found this site, I just couldn't resist. Here's to another trip down memory lane! (This one's for you, Mom.)

(for more hilarious nostalgic photos featuring this April Fools Day delicacy, go to:www.bluemilk.com)


Kirsti said...

Hey, did you like my April Fools Day blog/joke? I felt that it was necessary to at least do something. I liked your comment, though you could've been fooling me. I thought you were dead serious. Anyways, love ya and happy April Fools!

Peeser said...

Yeah, so maybe I'm just a big idiot then... the sad truth is that I was serious. I really didn't even think about the possibility of it being an April Fools' joke... I've just been really gullible this year... Oh well.
In retrospect, now that I know it was an April Fools' joke, it was actually pretty good!

Anyway, love ya right back!
(says the official April Fool)

gd said...

E, I fell for it too. I fell for about five jokes yesterday. I am so gullible and get ticked whenever I believe in something everyone else sees through! Anyway, good to see you on this network...I'm relatively new to the blog-world myself, and find that most of the time, I'm only writing for *me* anyway (even down to to-do lists) and that's satisfying enough. (Besides, my few readers are of the male species, and not known for their comment-validation!)