Monday, August 18, 2008


So. In order to explain my current life situation, I need to provide some information.

First, the facts:

1. I currently only hold an emergency license, which expires at the end of each school, and is renewable (for up to three years) if there is still an emergent need for the subject (in my case, Spanish). In other words, if they have enough certified Spanish teachers to fill the positions, they don't need me and therefore won't renew the emergency license. So, the expiration of my license left a Spanish teaching vacancy here at Tech.

2. Senora Oreilla, who is from Spain, left at the end of the school year to return home, leaving a second Spanish teaching vacancy here at Tech.

3. At the end of the school year last year, Tech hired a new French teacher and a new Chinese teacher.

4. According to my friend and colleague, Lily Stewart (another Spanish teacher here at Tech), Tech did not hire any replacement Spanish teachers by the beginning of this school year.

Now, for the theory:

With funding constantly being tight here at IPS, I think that rather than fill the two vacant Spanish positions AND create two new positions at Tech to compensate for the new French and Chinese teachers, Dr. White (our beloved and illustrious superintendent) decided to reallocate the salary money- in other words, he cut the two vacant Spanish positions and used the salaries from those positions to pay the new French and Chinese teachers. Of course, it is only a theory, but it seems to match up with all the other facts previously mentioned. That means that there are currently only 3.5 teachers to cover classes for all the Spanish students (one of those teachers is actually a Special Ed. teacher, but she is covering one or two of the Spanish classes, which is why she's only 1/2 a Spanish teacher). Sadly, that means that, despite these two new languages being offered, there is still overcrowding going on in the Spanish classes.

So, what does all this mean for Peeser?

Well, since there technically aren't any Spanish vacancies, despite the desperate need for them, I can't be hired to teach Spanish at Tech. Now, I have been told, if by the middle of September, our principal can prove to Dr. White that enough of the projected students have actually enrolled and are coming to class that it warrants a need for an additional Spanish teacher, then he may "re-create" one or two Spanish teaching positions, and presumably I will then be called to fill one of them.

In the meantime, lest you think I am idling my time away with my new kitten and Olympic TV, I am back at Tech filling a Reading teacher vacancy, probably until the end of the semester, at the very least. Yes, I, Elise Lambson, am now attempting to teach reading to students whose skills are such that they failed to pass the I-STEP test (Indiana's standardized test, similar to the MAP test in MO). I have a co-teacher for a couple of weeks who has been helping me get my feet wet... we'll see how this goes.

So. There is my current life in a nutshell (granted, a very LARGE nutshell, but what are you going to do?).

On the upside, I have entered a program through Marian College that looks like it will get me certified a lot sooner than the one I was going to do at IUPUI. Wish me luck!


gd said...

Ugh! How unsettling not to know exactly where you'll be in a month! We are going through some major changes as well, and it's so hard not to worry All The Time. I just have to trust that it will work out.

In response to your last comment, btw...yes, I LOVED your bro's post about fears! If any of my siblings did that for me, though, the post would be about twelve times as long. I was scared of EVERYTHING!! And I know I'll never be watching any of the movies you mention that make mirrors freaky. :)

I have a definite love/hate relationship with Shakespeare. I've taken two courses on him, and while I do love some of his stuff, I have to join the majority of the population in not understanding most of the rest. And my absolute distaste of history doesn't help matters!!


P.S. Thanks for the update here--I wondered what your recent Facebook status meant.

emily said...

ditto on the uncomfortable unknowingness. Boo.

But I'm glad you are doing SOME kind of work besides CB. Is this reading-thing full time? Does it pay as much as the Spanish thing? And what will happen if they call you back to do Spanish? You'll start up again in January?

I'm so sorry for your unsettlement.

Love you!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

gotta love superintendents and other such administrators (not really). I am just so thankful you are gainfully employed with insurance benefits. AND, I am delighted to learn of your new direction and school with your teaching certificate and masters degree. Hang in there.