Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting to know her...

My life is a bit crazy right now- perhaps by the weekend, I'll be ready to share that insanity with all. But for the time being, as promised, some attempted photos of my hilariously rambunctious kitten- enjoy!

The drive to IN from MO:

Her favorite perch in my room:

Asleep on the floor:

Laying on my neck:

Dirty from the fireplace:

After a bath....:

And now, the piece de resistance: an attempted video of her playing with a new toy:


emily said...

good job on the video posting!

Dang, kittens are so funny and fun!!

And I love the sleeping in the car shot...

I hope life is getting better-- and that the craziness is only temporary...
Hang in there! Call if you need to vent!

Julina said...

Yay for video (your welcome for suggesting it)

And in case anyone was wondering, the voice in the beginning was my, outlining cupcake options... (see previous post)

Have a great Friday! Thanks for talking today.

Beckie said...

Awww, I hope that kitten makes an appearance in October. But I understand if she doesn't. I can wait.