Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Daze...

Despite all the warnings, despite the fact that it took me an hour of careful driving to get home yesterday, despite the accumulation of snow that had already settled in by the time I got home, I did not think we would actually get a snow day. I figured all the snow had fallen and would be plowed and cleared by morning (although I was mentally preparing myself to leave extra early so I would arrive at school at a decent time).

This morning, when my alarm went off at 5 a.m., I did a quick check on one of our local weather stations to see if, by any chance, school was closed. No such luck. Still, I decided to snooze until 5:30... when I checked again, oh blessed day, school was cancelled!

A little later in the morning, I got a call telling me institute was also cancelled, and since I didn't fancy spending a long time in the car driving to the Music Man rehearsal we had agreed to have (snow day or not), I decided to ditch out (I'm pretty on top of things anyway)- meaning: A whole day of Freedom!!!!

A whole day to do oh so many things I have wanted time to do- very important, productive things. Yet, was I productive? Yeah, right. Here are the fruits of my labors of the day:

(Yes, I watched the whole thing and loved it!)

(I actually managed to defeat Diablo with one of my characters a couple of weeks ago, but I wasted a fair amount of time trying to beef up my other two characters...)

(Fun with my "Build a Castle" card set)

(And more fun with the "Hogwarts" set, made by the same company. In case you can't tell, the figurine is supposed to be Harry Potter...)

Lest you think I spent ALL my day indoors, here are some shots of the beautiful, glorious, pristine whiteness glittering behind our condo. I spent a delightful hour traipsing through the pseudo woods (the thin line of trees that separate our complex from the corporate developments springing up nearby). Sadly, I do not own a sled and do not know where there might be great hills for sledding nearby. (I may have to look into that for tomorrow). Still, I had a lot of fun (I even tried making a snow angel, but it didn't stay intact long enough for a photo)!

(An attempt to show how deep the snow got)

(Tonks' first time in the snow)

Happy Snow Day!


Sarah Lambson said...

I want a snow day...:(

I think the university should give everyone 1 snow day a year. Just to be nice. But only when the snow is good. Here we only got maybe 1.5-3 inches on the roads and 1/2 on the grass. Not enough to do anything fun.

gd said...

Oh, that Hamlet! I'm sorry, but I think it is FAR too long. I saw it in the theatre and I soon after wrote my reaction in an online journal: "Dude, a cool final fifteen minutes does NOT make the other 3 hours and 45 minutes worth it."

I gave myself half a snowday on Tuesday when sleet started pelting JC and I wanted to make it back to Columbia before it got too bad. Unfortunately, I had to use vacay time to do so!


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

I think Tonks was looking for a mouse in the corner......

emily said...

I LOVE KB's Hamlet. LOVE it!! Yay for time to watch it!!

and I LOVE photo posts... thanks, sis!