Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid does...

Well, when you forget to pay attention to the car in front of you (especially as you are making a right turn), this is what can happen:

Yep. That's right. Yours truly, with her classic, scatter-brained idiocy, inadvertently banged into the back of a Chevy Tahoe last night. Good news: Air bags were not activated, no one was hurt--except poor Frankie (that's my car, for those of you who might be confused), I was still able to drive my car the rest of the way home (a mere few miles at that point). (Oh, good news for the Tahoe- only a relatively small dent in the back fender). Bad news: I have to get this fixed (who knows how much it will cost?), I will have to pay for a rental while my car is being fixed (who knows how long that will take?), my insurance rates will inevitably go up...
Alas. So, while I wait for the rest of the bad news to get here, get your morbid entertainment fix from these various shots of the damage:

(The exterior damage, from multiple sides)

(A couple of close-ups)

(Trying to get some shots of the interior (i.e. engine) damage)

Have a warm, safe week- may it start off better than mine ended!


gd said...

Ach, your poor Corolla Frankie!! I've been through this myself, and I felt SOOO stupid (even though we're NOT stupid--anyone can have an's just that this has bigger consequences!) I was in Iowa at the time with three hours yet to drive home, and I was shaking the whole way home.

I'm so sorry.


(p.s...belated comments are in some ways even better than immediate ones to remind me what I wrote! Always a treat to hear from you.)

Sarah Lambson said...

That dent on the front of the focus (the crunched up headlight)? Yeah, that was me. I was just pulling forward in line at a stop sign during finals week. I ran into the ball hitch of the truck in front of me. No damage to him luckily.

I too felt stupid. We all do this every once in a while. Hang in there sis.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Poor old one-eyed Frankie! I can almost hear him say "arrrrrr - me eyes been put out".

Seriously, I feel your financial pain.